Kuda Warrior Exbert

The Kuda Warrior Exbert Casting Reel puts tournament-grade performance in the palm of your hand. The Kuda Warrior Exbert is packed with high-end features that are rarely seen at this price point, The Kuda Warrior Exbert is encased in a lightweight streamline body, which makes it is easy to repetitively sling lures from blast-off to weigh-in. Shaving even more weight, the reels are equipped with an aluminum skeletal spool that helps lighten the load.

Delivering butter-like smoothness, the Kuda Warrior Exbert Casting Reel is powered by 13 stainless steel bearings (12+1) this also ensures precise lure placement cast-after-cast. Guaranteeing distance as well, the Kuda Warrior Exbert Casting Reels are available in both left-and-right-handed models, the Kuda Warrior Exbert Casting Reel delivers check-cashing performance – all at a price point that anglers will enjoy. 

Retrieve  Gear Ratio Weight  Bearings
Right 6:3:1 6.8 12+1





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